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Welcome to PetroSlides!


PetroSlides specializes in manufacturing petrographic thin sections of meteorites and other geologically important specimens for research and collection. We offer pre-made slides, and we can manufacture slides of your raw materials.


A thin section is a slice of rock that has been mounted on a glass slide and ground to a thickness of 30 microns (thinner than the average human hair). The resulting material is optically transparent, allowing it to be studied using transmitted light microscopy.


Thin sections have a wide variety of applications in science and engineering. Geologists study thin sections of rocks to identify minerals and characterize textures. Archaeologists examine thin sections of artifacts to learn about manufacturing techniques and trade routes. Biologists use thin sections of fish bones (otoliths) to determine fish ages. Engineers analyze thin sections of ceramics and composites such as concrete to investigate the properties of these materials.


We take pride in producing the highest quality thin sections possible. We have found that the best thin sections are made by combining state-of-the-art equipment, innovative techniques, and good old-fashioned elbow grease.

Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed on every slide we sell!